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15 Fast Growing Screening Plants for Privacy

Screening plants are an excellent choice for those who want natural, attractive, and low maintenance barriers. Screening plants grow swiftly, provide privacy, and elevate the look of a home.

Small Hedge Plants

If you’re looking for a beautiful way to spruce up your landscape, a small hedge could be just what you’re looking for. Here are the best small Australian hedging plants.

Pittosporum Hedge

An evergreen shrub that can grow up to 15 feet tall, the dense leaves and attractive white flowers of the Pittosporum are an excellent feature to a garden.

Lilly Pilly Hedge

The Lilly Pilly hedge, also known as the Australian Cherry, is a fast-growing hedge frequently used for privacy screens and windbreaks. Covered in edible red and purple fruits, the Lilly Pilly hedge can be used as a striking ornamental plant.

Murraya Hedge

The Murraya Hedge is a very popular ornamental hedge. It’s most commonly know for being low maintenance and being a dense hedging plant.

Holly Hedge

If you’re looking for hedging plants, holly is a perfect choice. Not only is it decorative, but it can also deter intruders with its prickly leaves. A holly hedge will surely update the look of your backyard with its vibrant colours whilst keeping you safe and giving you privacy.

Clumping Bamboo

Bamboo adds a fresh look to your landscape and garden designs. Its crisp green colour and outstanding height make it the best hedge for your landscape.


Looking to frame your garden with the right plant? We recommend planting Buxus in your garden. Buxus plants are popular to grow in gardens because.


The name hornbeam originated as a description of the quality of its wood—as hard as a horn; and “beam,” which is the Old English word for tree. It is a hardy hedging plant that is why it is popular for that. 

Mexican Orange Blossom

This moderate-sized fragrant perennial is ideal for decorative and practical purposes, such as a hedge or as a more pleasant camouflage for unsightly objects in the garden such as utility boxes or footings.


People have plant favorites, and viburnum is one that almost always makes the list. Best in temperate areas, it is one of the most versatile shrubs and trees and certainly garden-worthy! It ranges from half a meter shrub to 9m trees.


Conifers, formally known as Pinophyta or Coniferophyta, are mostly evergreen shrubs or trees that have needles or scale-like leaves and seed-bearing cones.

Flowering Plants


Also known as Lily of the Nile or African Lily, Agapanthus is an attractive perennial flowering plant that blooms during the summer months. Durable and strong, Agapanthus are often used as a border or for a pop of colour.


If you want to fill your garden with lovely, large flowers, Hydrangeas are a perfect choice. Hydrangeas are famous throughout the world for their large, showy blossoms, and their ease of care. Hydrangea flowers grow on a large shrub, which requires very little maintenance.


There are few warm climate trees as popular as the Magnolia. With its delicate blossoms and thick leaves, Magnolias are one of the hardiest flowering plants. They provide a heady fragrance, gorgeous blooms, and attractive foliage throughout the year. Here’s everything you need to know about choosing and caring for your Magnolia.


Rhododendrons are a very diverse species of flowering garden shrub, and consequently selecting the right Rhododendron is going to matter in terms of planting and caring, for your garden. Regardless of type, rhododendrons have extremely beautiful flowers and brighten up the home garden. Here’s what you need to know about choosing the right Rhododendron for your garden.


There’s nothing as beautiful and diabolical as the simple rose. Rose bushes have been the mainstay of a lovely garden from time immemorial, but there’s a reason why only seasoned gardeners often approach. Difficult to prune and sometimes difficult to grow, roses require some patience and understanding. Here’s what you need to know about choosing, pruning, and caring for your roses.


A gorgeous two-tone flower, Fuchsia is a favorite accent piece to virtually any garden. Fuchsia can be planted in hanging planters, garden beds, and raised containers. Fuchsia can be a little light-sensitive, and pest sensitive as well. But, if you take proper care of your Fuchsia, it will continue to blossom and grow throughout the summer months.


Known as the queen of winter flowers, Camellias are evergreen shrubs that produce magnificent blooms. Highly-prized yet down to earth, this beauty is unrivaled for glamour with its compact shapely habit, stunning evergreen foliage, and of course, its amazingly beautiful flowers.

Native Plants

30 Of The Best Australian Native Plants

Australia is home to a truly diverse selection of flora. There is a wide variety of plants to choose from, here are 30 of The Best Australian Native Plants.

30 Of The Best Australian Native Flowering Plants

Flowering plants are probably the most popular types of plants to care for because of the beauty and splash of colour they bring to the surroundings.


Callistemon or bottlebrush is a native of Australia, but due to its beauty, it is now cultivated in other places. It got its bottlebrush name because of its cylindrical and brush-like flowers, which look like a bottle brush for cleaning bottles. 


A native Australian flowering plant, Banksia thrives throughout the country. They are drought-tolerant, attractive, and versatile, with flowers that will continuously bloom.


Available in sizes ranging from evergreen shrubs to trees, Grevilleas are known for their delicate foliage and stunningly showy flowers. Grevilleas are native to Australia and thrive in warmer climates.

Shade Loving Plants

15 of The Best Shade Loving Plants That Grow in Australia

For any garden, there will always be places that get very limited sunshine. These tricky places can make your garden feel incomplete. Here are 15 of the best shade loving plants that grow in Australia.

Indoor Plants

40 of The Best Indoor Plants For Your Home

Nothing makes a home more cozier than natural greenery. People have been taking care of indoor plants for centuries for various reasons like aesthetics…

Lawn Care

Grass Guide

Grass isn’t just “grass.” In fact, grass is one of the most interesting landscaping topics out there. There are dozens of variety of common grass, all with very unique attributes.

DIY Guides

How to Trim a Hedge

Hedges don’t just become hedges without some work! Hedges need to be regularly trimmed as the hedges grow; otherwise, they quickly begin to look messy. But trimming also isn’t an easy process.