New instant turf, garden bed and concrete steps that were installed by harwood's lawn care

Fresh New Look

Making an unusable space usable. New concrete steps with a seating area, new Instant Turf for the family pet and expansion of the family garden.

The New Play Area

Transforming the front yard into a usable space. Front yard leveled, garden edging installed, sprinkler system for lawn/garden beds installed and new Instant Turf.

Green, lush lawn that was just mowed by harwood's lawn care

Kids play space

Backyard makeover for the family. Old lawn removed, backyard leveled, sprinkler system installed, english box installed and new Instant Turf.

Instant lawn

For The Family

Creating the dream backyard for the family. Old lawn removed, the backyard rotary hoed, sprinkler system installed, pittosporum hedges installed and new Instant Turf.

Simple Solution

Taking control of the side of the house. Invasive bamboo removed, premium weed mat installed, pittosporum hedge installed and limestone gravel installed

The Big Fix

Fixing the failed retaining wall. Failed retaining wall removed, strong foundation installed, drainage system installed and new retaining wall installed.

Fresh New Look

This front yard was in desperate need of a makeover. With in 3 days this front yard was turned into the best yard in the street.

Lawn Mowing

End of Lease Tidy

Last minute exit tidy. Front lawn edged, mowed and paths blown free of debris. Backyard slashed, edged, mowed and blown free of debris.

Winter Mow

End of winter mow. Front and back lawn edged, mowed and paths blown free of debris. Special care was taken to ensure the dogs weren't let out of the yard.

Airbnb Maintenance

Bi weekly property maintenance. Back lawn edged, mowed and paths blown free of debris. Leaves removed from the lawn and before and after photos sent.

Exit Tidy

Getting ready for a new tenant. Front and back lawn edged, mowed and paths blown free of debris. Ready for the property market.

Taking Control of The Yard

Out of control property tamed. Front and back lawn edged, mowed and driveway blown free of debris.

New Tenant Tidy

Emergency tidy for the new tenant. Front and back lawn edged, mowed and driveway/paths blown free of debris.

Block Clearing

Yearly vacant block clearing for fire hazard reduction.

Lawn Mowing Front And Back

Over-grown lawn in need of a mow. Edges trimmed, lawns mowed and green waste removed.

Slashing Nature Strip

Overgrown nature strip in need of a tidy to increase curb appeal.


Spring Make Over

Getting the garden ready for spring. Paths and walkways weeded, garden beds weeded and shrubs trimmed

Large english garden in hobart

One Day Transformation

Meeting a deadline of one day. Hedges trimmed, shrubs shaped, plants pruned, paths weeded trees shaped and garden beds weeded.

Mowing The Concrete

Redefining the concrete/lawn. Front lawn edged, mowed. Backyard weeded, mowed and paths/driveway blown free of debris.

Neat and Tidy

Bringing the garden back in order. Garden beds, paths and drive way weeded.

Spring Preparation

Getting ready for spring. Garden beds weeded, shrubs and bushes trimmed, unwanted plants removed and driveway blown free of debris.

Real Estate Tidy

Getting ready to vacate. Garden beds weeded, shrubs trimmed and paths/driveway blown free of debris.

Hedge Trimming

Photo of a trimmed hedge

Shaping The Hedge

Shaping the front yard hedge. The top and all side of the hedge trimmed with the green waste removed.

Instant lawn

This is Hedging

Now this is hedging. English box hedge trimmed, bushes shaped wand the green waste removed.

Trimmed hedge

Trimming Around The House

Shrubs and hedges trimmed around the house. The top of the Pittosporum hedge trimmed and the sides shaped. Shrubs around the house shaped with the green waste removed.

Tree Removal

Tree Removal in Backyard

Large overgrown trees removed from the backyard and new shrubs installed. Small hedge removed from the front yard to increase accessibility to the garden bed.

Shrub Trimming

Small Shrub Trimmed

Small shrub in need of a trim.

Tree Trimming

Backyard Tree Trimming

Reducing the height and shaping trees in the backyard.

Tree Trimming

Acess regaind to the side of the house and trees trimmed away from the roof.

Window Cleaning

Squeaky Clean

Squeaky clean windows without lifting a finger.

Modern house with with windows that were just cleaned by harwood's lawn care

Clear View

Clean windows to enjoy the view.

This Is Clean

Super clean windows, ready for business.

Pressure Washing

Pressure cleaning

Driveway Cleaning

Large driveway cleaned. The result speaks for itself.

driveway after pressure cleaning

Driveway Cleaned

The driveway and pathways came up a treat.