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How and When to Apply Topsoil to Your Lawn

Is a topsoil application the right way to go? How can you tell if the lawn needs top dressing? More importantly, whats involved in applying topsoil or top dressing the lawn?

How and When to Dethatch Your Lawn

What is thatch? Thatch is the buildup of organic material on the grass. In lawns, it is usually a result of intertwining of living and dead grass material at the base of the grass.

How and When to Core Your Lawn

Lawn aeration is necessary to address problems caused by compaction or too much thatching, and lawn coring is one of the methods used for soil aeration.

Seeded Lawn vs Instant Lawn | Which is better?

When the time comes, homeowners with a lawn that has reached its peak will inevitably have to make that critical decision: seeded lawn or instant lawn?

Lawn Weeds | Common Weeds in Your Lawn and How to Control Them

We all want our lawns to be as attractive and perfect as can be. But occasionally, certain unwanted growths creep up and make our beloved grass less than desirable.

Artificial Grass vs Instant Lawn | Which is best?

More people are starting to consider artificial grass over the natural instant lawn. Is it worth the change?

Lawn Pests | Common Pests in Your Lawn and How to Control Them

When you look at your lawn and see that what was all over green and lush now has unhealthy or dead patches, you are probably dealing with one or several issues. It could be drought, lawn disease, soil nutrient deficiencies, or lawn pests.

Selective Herbicide for Grass | What Is It and How Does It Work?

When unwanted weeds and plants grow on the lawn, sometimes hand removal is no longer viable, and you may need to get a selective herbicide.

Best Grass for Clay Soil in Australia | What Are They and Does It Matter?

Having clay soil in your yard should not stop you from getting a beautiful Instant Lawn. What is the best grass for clay soil in Australia?

20 Lawn Care Tips for a Green, Lush Lawn

When it comes to lawn care, you need to understand and remember some basic things first. As you take care of your turf and stay on top of its regular maintenance, you will get to know it better and apply what you learned.

How Often Should I Water My Instant Lawn?

Just as too little water is bad for your lawn, so is too much. How much and how often should you water your instant lawn?

How Long Does Instant Lawn Take to Establish?

During our many years of experience in lawn care, we often get questions on how long it takes for an instant lawn to establish.

When Can I Walk On My Instant Lawn?

It is an exciting moment when you finally see and smell that fresh green grass on your yard. How long should you wait before you can…

How High Should I Mow My Instant Lawn?

Not all instant lawns are created equal, including how high you need to maintain them. At what height should you maintain your instant lawn?

How Often Should I Mow My Instant Lawn?

You need to mow your instant lawn at least once or twice a week. Remember not to cut more than 1/3 of the grass in one mowing. If your instant lawn is overgrown, mow a third of the current length and wait a few days before mowing again.

How Often Should I Fertilise My Instant Lawn?

You know that your instant lawn needs fertiliser to keep it lush and green. However, fertilising is not as straightforward as it seems. How often should you do it?

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