Orchid Bark

Orchid bark is a type of premium potting medium used for cultivating orchids in pots.

It is typically harvested from softwood trees like the Australian Radiata Pine, New Zealand Pinus Radiata, and the Douglas Fir (Western Fir).

There are many types of orchid bark which most are slightly composted.

Sometimes, orchid bark gets mixed up with sphagnum moss or made into an orchid soil mix that contains a mixture of soil, barks, charcoal, and sometimes perlite.

You can also buy orchid bark in many sizes, ranging from 1 Litre to 50 Litres and there are also many classes of orchid bark ranging from 3-6mm to 20-50mm nuggets.

The most common brands of orchid barks are Orchita, Better-Gro, Ausgro, and Kiwi Bark.

Orchid bark is the preferred potting medium when growing orchids in pots.

  • It lasts a lot longer (more than 10 times) when compared to sphagnum moss.
  • Provides excellent aeration within the root system
  • Is free-draining while retaining some moisture.
  • In most cases, sits within the optimal PH range for growing orchids
  • In most cases, has more available nutrients due to the way the bark is processed.
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