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Gardeners Newcastle

Newcastle NSW

Whether you need a one off or regular gardening service Harwood’s has you covered. We do gardening without any hassles. Simply book your service and you will have a team of expert gardeners in your garden doing the heavy lifting for you. Experience a truly set and forget gardening service today.

Looking for a Gardener in Newcastle?

Your lawn and garden truly bring out the beauty and comfort in your outdoor areas but having the time or ability to manage upkeep can be challenging; especially if you don’t have the best green thumb. That’s why we at Harwood’s Lawn Care want to offer you a premium Gardening Services that can help your plants, flowers, grass, and trees thrive.

Backed by years of hands-on, reliable service all over Newcastle, NSW, our team can ensure your greenery stays beautiful and healthy even if you have a hectic schedule. That’s because we offer weekly, fortnightly, and monthly services that suit your individual needs and your budget.

Garden up a long driveway

Personalised Gardening Service in Newcastle

No two yards are the same size or requirement the same level of detailing, but every lawn deserves 100% focus. And here at Harwood’s Lawn Care will work diligently on your lawn and garden to add curb appeal and relaxing comfort. More importantly, we’ll work to create stronger, healthier plant life through proper management and regular trimming and services.

As an industry leader here in Newcastle we can provide a wide range of services to fit your home, property, or job size, such as:

  1. Trimming and Pruning Foliage
  2. Cleaning Up Leaves or Debris
  3. Treating Lawns, Gardens, and Flowers
  4. Laying or Removing Turf
  5. Mulching, Seeding, and Moving
  6. And so much more!

Creating a Stunning and Relaxing Outdoor Area

One of the biggest reasons why we’re the best Gardening Service in Newcastle is because we believe that every garden, no matter the sizes, deserves the same attention to detail. Whether we’re working with large, bushy plants, small shrubs, or stunning flowers you hope bloom all summer long, we’ve got the experience to help them grow thick and healthy.

What’s more, we love taking on new and exciting challenges. You want us to create a fresh new look in your backyard? We can do that. Looking to enhance the front yard curb appeal for potential buyers or holiday guests? We can do that, too.

Our skillset is perfect for anyone looking to keep their property looking beautiful and tidy, especially when they don’t have the time to do it themselves. We offer a variety of different options, including:

  • Trimming, Pruning, and Managing Plants
  • Removing or Laying Down Fresh Instant Turf
  • Enhancing a Backyard Garden or Lounge Area
  • Turning Tired, Old Spaces into Thriving Greenery
  • Cleaning Up Mess and Beautifying Lawns and Gardens

Stress-Free Gardening Options

 We know how difficult it can be to take time to fix up your lawn or garden, especially when you have to balance your work life, home life, and all the other responsibilities on your plate. At Harwood’s, we want to take a little bit of that extra load off your plate by providing you with customisable lawn care and gardening services that don’t require you to lift a finger.

Cleanup and Replace

Routine gardeners popping around is more than just cutting the grass and calling it a day. We also provide other services such as cleaning up debris, removing dead plants, installing new instant turf, watering trees and flowers, or simply trimming and cultivating bushes.

Enhanced Curb Appeal

Whether you’re selling your home and looking to maximise it’s profit on the market or you just want to keep your lawn and garden looking great in the neighbourhood, keeping up with routine maintenance can revitalise the look and feel of almost any property.

Restore and Protect Plant Life

We love going above and beyond to ensure our clients’ total satisfaction, which is why we’re also happy to plant new foliage and keep it looking stunning with proper watering, fertiliser, or support. You deserve gorgeous, welcoming plants; let us make it happen.

Full-Service Garden Professionals

Here at Harwood’s we’re a great lawn and garden specialist because we’re not only insured and fully licensed, but because we work closely with each and every client to make sure we’ve found a plan to suit their every need. That means that we’ll think of the small things like catch the clippings, so they don’t turn the rest of your yard brown or finding the best plants to give you a greener, more welcoming backyard.

When you’re looking for the very best gardeners in Newcastle look no further than Harwood’s. From our dedicated staff to our premium equipment to our responsive customer support, you won’t find someone who cares more about your lawn, garden, and outdoor areas.

Trusted Guarantee

We understand that time and effort are valuable commodities, especially when it comes to gardening. That’s why we provide fast, reliable, and efficient services that suit your area and your budget. Let us worry about cleaning up, installing new fixture, and keeping your garden looking green and beautiful.

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