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Your gutters are one of the most integral pieces to the internal and external efficiency and durability of your home. In fact, when water isn’t flowing correctly because they’re all clogged up it can lead to foundational structure damage, instability, and even severely damaged roofs.

At Harwood’s Lawn Care we understand that keeping your gutters clean and free of leaves, debris, or other buildup with our advanced cleaning services can help prevent interior damage, a rotted foundation, a leaky roof, and even uncontrolled rain water.

Comprehensive Regular Cleaning

From downspouts to rooftop gutters our cleaning professionals will survey your home or property to find out where our deep cleaning needs to be focused. We’ll start by removing sticks and debris, sand and sediment, and even leaves, twigs, or shingle runoff; all to improve water flow efficiency and overall home/roof stability.

These services can provide a multitude of day-to-day and all-season benefits, including:

  1. Improving Water Flow Efficiency (Away)
  2. Preventing “Pooling”, Overflow, or Leaks
  3. Ensuring Long-Term Roof and Structure Stability
  4. Preventing Moss, Algae, and Mold Buildup
  5. Improving Curb Appeal

Recommended Annual Services

While gutter cleaning services in Tasmania should definitely be routine, we recommend doing them one a year or soon after the fall season to ensure your gutters stay clean and clear when it matters most.

That means allowing us to create a proper gutter cleaning plan that’s affordable, fast, efficient, and helps establish ensure safe operation. This means we can offer a variety of basic, deluxe, and premium gutter cleaning services, including:

  • Washing Channels and Downspouts
  • Removing Debris and Buildup
  • Installing Gutter Guards or Protective Screens
  • Routine Maintenance and Checks

Comprehensive and Affordable Service


While no two homes or properties are quite the same we still use the same level of professional expertise in every gutter cleaning job that we do. We’ll visit you on location and create a gutter cleaning plan that fits your budget, your timeframe, and even your annual needs, so you can save money without sacrificing quality results.

What’s more, whether you have 10 trees in your backyard that keep clogging your drains or you just have bad luck with drainages backing up, we’ve got all the support and direction you need for cleaner gutters and a “healthier” home exterior.

Deep, Efficient Cleaning

From your gutter channels to the downspouts to the exterior exit point we’ll clean them all out and keep them from getting clogged by leaves, twigs, or other debris. Contact us with any questions to learn around our eco-friendly cleaning options.

Gutter Guard Installation

Contact us in advance about covering gutters with mesh guards or other gutter blocking solutions and we’ll be happy to create a plan that not only gets your gutters cleaner but helps keep them that way all year-round. Smart and affordable upgrades!

Expanded Service Options

Along with removing visible debris and flushing downspouts we also remove any excess debris from your property so it’s not just taking up space in your yard. This means better end-to-end cleaning services with no mess left behind.

Protect Home Health and Efficiency

Keeping your gutters clean might sound like one of those things people “just do” to keep water from overflowing during a big rainstorm, but the truth is that without a proper cleaning it can lead to mold and algae buildup, soft spots in your roof, a weakened or damaged foundation without water leading away, and other common internal and external home damages.

But here at Harwood’s Lawn Care we offer the best gutter cleaning in Tasmania because we take our time to do it right and do it safely, so you can rest easier knowing your gutters are clean, clear, and running perfectly when the raid starts to pour.

  • In-Depth Gutter Cleaning: Using advanced safety equipment and low-pressure washing systems we can clean out channels, downspouts, and even side gutters to ensure smooth water flow that isn’t blocked at any point.
  • Smart, Cost-Effective Options: We know not every home or property is the same size or has the same guttering available, which is why we customise our gutter cleaning services to meet your budget and your time.
  • Biannual or Annual: Your surrounding environment will help us better understand if you’ll need services every 6 months or once a year. Contact us today and we’ll provide you with a complementary consultation to help you get started.

When you want the best gutter cleaning services that are safe, affordable and effective, turn to Harwood’s and get the kind of support you need at a price you can afford. You deserve reliable property maintenance specialists who care about your home, your property, and your outdoor area as much as you do; and with Harwood you’ll never have to look for another team again.

Trusted Guarantee

As Tasmania’s premier property maintenance team, we offer top to bottom services that meet your cleaning and budget needs. And like our other offerings, our gutter cleaning services are backed by experience, affordability, and responsive customer support.

Contact us today and let us show you why our gutter cleaning services for residential and commercial properties are better than local services, and why we’re the property maintenance team that people turn to when they need the job done right the first time.

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