Hedge Trimming
Newcastle NSW

Whether you need your hedges reduced in height or are looking for a natural – manicured look our hedge trimming professionals can have your hedges looking fabulous within hours

Professional Hedge Trimming, Pruning, and Shaping Services in Newcastle, NSW

Beautifully trimmed bushes and hedges offer more than just curb appeal, they help plants and hedges maintain healthy growth, reduce the spread of disease or dying branches, and create welcoming warmth for guests and family. Simply book your quote online with Harwood’s Lawn Care today and you can sit back and relax while we take care of the hedge trimming service for you.

Doing it yourself can be time consuming and especially challenging if you don’t have a hedge trimmer or experience to do the job right. That’s why we here at Harwood’s want to provide you with the best hedge trimming service in Newcastle.

Premier Hedge Trimming Services

Backed by more than 9 years of combined real world, hands-on experience, Harwood’s has been providing customised services for homes and businesses all over Newcastle. Support that includes the trimming, shaping, and sculpting of hedges, hedge rows, bushes, and other greenery all around your home, office, or property.

We take pride in providing tailored hedge trimming services and professional landscaping options that go far beyond clipping a few branches. In fact, we leverage a few important areas to ensure you get fast, reliable support every time, including:

  1. Professional-Grade Equipment and Tools
  2. Highly Trained and Skilled Staff
  3. Precision Attention to Detail
  4. Job Flexibility
  5. On-Time Service and Completion

We Love to Trim Hedges!

When a standard mowing and garden company in Newcastle, goes to trim your hedges they often only cover the trimming and nothing else. And even then, they generally rush through the job which can lead to mismatched edges, poor foliage growth, and more frequent trimming needs.

At Harwood’s, we’re looking to do far more than just give you super straight hedges and bushes. We’re looking to trim, sculpt, and manage your outdoor plant life and then collect and remove hedge clippings when we’re finished. This provides a more naturally beautiful home or office exterior while also promoting healthier, more balanced growth in every leaf, stem, and bush not to mention keeping your garden tidy.

Services include:

  • Hedge Trimming
  • Removal of Hedges
  • Shrub Trimming
  • Bush Trimming
  • Shaping and Sculpting
  • Stump Removal
  • Waste Removal (Green Waste)
Hedge Trimming Before photo
Hedge Trimming After Photo

Short and Long-Term Hedge Trimming Benefits

It’s no secret that trimming your hedges and bushes makes your property look more beautiful and welcoming, but it also has some other vital effects that can benefit you in other great ways.

Privacy and Comfort

Hedges make a wonderful addition to a home or office area; especially if you’re trying to create a little natural visual and audible separation from neighbours. Our services allow you to keep these hedges and bushes fuller and healthier looking but without sacrificing personal comfort.

Home Value and Appeal

Keeping your hedge rows and foliage well-maintained and meticulously trimmed on the outside helps create curb appeal that extends far beyond your own stylish confidence. In fact, it can help increase the perceived value of your home or property if you’re looking to sell or find investors.

Focused on Plant Health

The very idea of trimming makes it seem easy and straightforward, but just having a pair of shears and cutting away a few branches doesn’t mean your plants are going to thrive. That’s why our professional hedge and garden team work diligently to create fresh, new growth with every cut while also helping to remove and prevent the spread of disease.

Overgrown Hedge
Trimmed hedge

Licensed, Insured, and Ready to Serve

First and foremost, we don’t just do lawn mowing and rubbish removals, we are a fully licensed and insured home maintenance company with a  team focused on creating impeccable results while also having responsive customer service. And whether you’ve got just a handful of brushes, or an extensive network of beautiful hedge rows, our team can provide you with the type of service and support you deserve from start to finish.

At Harwood’s we focus on four key areas to help ensure you get the best hedge trimming service in Newcastle:

  • Responsive and Consistent: We know that you’re calling us because you need help, which means you don’t want to get the run around. We’ll provide a fast quote and show up when we say we’ll be there; so, you can focus more on enjoying the beautiful results.
  • Custom Services and Plans: No two properties or locations are the same, which means you need custom pricing that fits your budget and your long-term growth strategy. We provide tailored property maintenance services that provide you with more flexibility and better results.
  • End-to-End Logistics: Be it quarterly, bi-annually, annually or something more specific our team can help establish a hedge trimming routine that fits around your busy lifestyle or schedule. When you sign up with us, we’ll create a long-term strategy that’s easier on you and your family.
  • Locally Owned and Operated: Located right here in Newcastle, and are continually expanding our serving offerings and serve areas to support the local communities and beyond. Contact us with any questions for fast, reliable support.

Don’t let an opportunity to get high-quality hedge trimming done go unfinished. And don’t let a lack of tools, complicated trimming processes, or a busy schedule keep you from creating a more a beautiful home both inside and out. Let Harwood’s show you why we’re the best in the business, and why relying on us is a smart choice for properties of all shapes and sizes.

Hedge Shaping before
Hedge Shaping after

Trusted Guarantee

We understand that having your hedges trimmed professionally is both a time and financial investment, which means you don’t to have to worry about the final job or mess left behind. That’s why we at Harwood’s not only clean up after ourselves when the job is done, we can provide regular check-ins and services based on your individual needs.

What’s more, we guarantee clean, straight lines in your hedge rows and bushes without any waves on the top or sides—or we’ll do it again no questions asked.