Your lawn and surrounding landscape are areas that need consistent care all year-round, especially when you’re looking to maintain a beautiful, lush, well-manicured area that enhances the look of your property and adds sophistication family, friends, and guests will love.

At Harwood’s we offer a wide range of landscaping in Hobart to suit grassy areas, paving and concrete, walkways, fencing, irrigation, and so much more. All to help keep your outdoor areas looking gorgeous but also ensuring they support your daily needs with clean efficiency.

You Deserve a Beautiful Landscape – Let Us Make It Happen!

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Expansive Landscaping Options

No two homes or properties boast the exact same layout or landscaping needs, which is why our landscape professionals can help with everything from maintenance to edging to instant turf installation and more.

In fact, we have the right tools and reliable experience to keep your curb appeal high and your home or property looking gorgeous by taking care of the little things that really set every outdoor space apart. That’s because we want your landscape to look amazing, be a focal point of your entryway, yard, or shared space, and enhance the look and feel of your personal property.

Here are just a few of the many in-depth service areas that we cover:

  • Instant Turf
  • Plant Installation
  • Mulch Installation
  • Premium Weed Mat Installation
  • Retaining Wall Installation
  • Concreting
  • Paving
  • Fencing
  • Irrigation
  • Garden Edging (Metal/Timber)
  • Gravel Installation

Natural Beauty and Support Structures

Sometimes you’re looking to supplement the look of your garden and sometimes you want to create a walkway, driveway, or porch that’s surrounded by installations that add style and originality to your space.

Either way we have solutions that will work for your space, fit your budget, and help give you back that gorgeous landscape you love coming home to see or sharing with friends and family.

Our installation services can be used to:

  • Add new instant turf to a front or backyard
  • Implement plant, mulch, or gravel installations
  • Build in new concrete, paving, or fencing
  • Establish weed mat
  • Build retaining walls
  • Enhance the look or feel of personal or professional space

We Believe in Attention to Detail

Just because it’s the outside of your home doesn’t mean you don’t want it to look beautiful and welcoming; especially if you love watching flowers bloom in a gorgeous flowerbed or want to keep a fence clean of weeds or tall grasses.

That’s why we focus on providing well-rounded landscaping services in Hobart that cover everything from grass to mulch to all the walkways around your property. And be it installing plants, mulch or concrete, or ensuring your irrigation is watering your lawn efficiently, we’ve got services that support your every need.

Beautiful Inside and Out

We offer services that not only keep the inside of your home looking stunning, but these landscape services ensure your lawn, garden, or outdoor areas match. Contact us to learn more about our installations, edging, and services and find what works for you.

Grow Healthier Plants

Allowing Harwood’s to focus on your plant areas, gardens, and flowerbeds by picking out the weeds and installing supportive structures helps you grow stronger, healthier, more vibrant plants, flowers, fruits, vegetable, and more.

Beyond the Flowerbeds

Along with managing turf and garden edging we also help with landscaping around porches, patios, paved areas, concrete driveways, wooden fences, irrigation, and more; all to ensure they all look great and run more efficiently.

True Landscaping Professionals

Backed by more than 12 years of combined hands-on service you won’t find a more dedicated, reliable team to get your landscape going in the right direction. And whether you’re looking to update the side yard, front yard, backyard or something in between we’ll be happy to provide you with fast, affordable services starting today.

  • Premier Landscaping: As an experienced outdoor lawn and garden team we’ve got the tools, direction, and hands-on training to suit your every instant turf or garden installation with maximum effort.
  • Budget Friendly Services: Keeping a beautiful lawn shouldn’t be about breaking the bank, which is why our services can be custom tailored to your needs and optimised to meet your budget.
  • Consistent, Year-Round Support: Whether you need weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or even seasonal landscaping in Hobart we can help pinpoint exactly what you need based on a current layout or future goals.

Trusted Guarantee

Here at Harwood’s we believe in providing smart, affordable, in-depth lawn and garden services that last all year-round and beyond. Contact us today to get one of our professional team members to check out your property, find a strategy that suits your goals, and draw up a landscaping plan that gives you a clearer picture from start to finish.

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You Deserve a Beautiful Landscape – Let Us Make It Happen!

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