Lawn Mowing
Hobart TAS

Beautifully mowed lawn with the grass clippings caught, edges trimmed, driveway/paths blown and the green waste removed. One off or regular maintenance we have got you covered

Have a Pristine-Looking Lawn Without Lifting a Finger

Want a neat and tidy yard but don’t have the equipment, skill, or time to do regular lawn maintenance? Let Harwood’s Lawn Care take this load off your plate with fast and reliable lawn mowing services in Hobart.


“Quick. Efficient. Great work. Thanks Ashley!” – Daniel McQuillen

Do you struggle to find the time (and effort) to maintain your lawn regularly?

Don’t worry, it’s not your fault.

Between family and work, you’re probably busy with all of the things that demand your attention on a daily basis.

And when all that is taken care of, the last thing you’d want to do is spend your free time doing hard physical labor like mowing your lawn. 

We get it. You’d rather spend your time relaxing, reading a book, or working out, right?

Thankfully, you can still have a well-kept yard without the hassle of maintaining it yourself. Our professional staff at Harwood’s Lawn Care can help you with your lawn mowing needs in Hobart Tas. 

Let us take this weight off your shoulders!

Why Choose Harwood’s Lawn Care

Keen Attention to Detail

Your lawn and its surrounding areas will look spotless after our work is done. We take the time to do our work properly so that our customers actually get what they pay for, rather than a rushed job.

Your Convenience in Mind

We provide our services in a way that has the least amount of disturbance in your daily life. We do this by working around your schedule as much as possible. 

Excellent Service

Our fully-equipped and well-trained team is capable of completing the job in the most efficient and timely manner. With more than 120 hours of combined classroom and hands-on training, each member of our staff is a specialist in his field.

Avoid Additional Expenses

Before mowing your lawn, we inspect the area for any debris and concealed objects. Doing this process lets us avoid damage to your property, saving you from unwanted repair expenses. 

Peace of Mind

Our staff members are fully insured. This protects you from extra costs in case untoward incidents happen while we work at your premises.

Other Services

  • Lawn Treatment – we can fertilise your yard in order to maintain grass health in your lawn.
  • Lawn Coring – This process introduces air, water, and nutrients into the earth by reducing soil compaction. 
  • Dethatching – removing dead matter from your yard allows air to penetrate the soil better, resulting in a healthier lawn.

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