Rubbish Removal
Newcastle, NSW

Free up that space in your garage today!

If you have rubbish in your garage and live in Newcastle we’ve got you covered.

Harwood’s can remove your rubbish without you having to lift a finger. Whether you’re working on a house, have a large amount of rubbish in your garage or just have rubbish around your property you need a smart, effective way to get it all cleaned up and properly disposed of. And if you don’t have the time or the team to get it all done, you need a team you can rely on to make sure it gets done quickly, efficiently, and to standard.

Harwood’s understand that getting rid of trash, rubbish, or junk that’s piling up can be hard to manage, which is why our professional team provides end-to-end pickup and disposal services to ensure your space gets cleaned up without you ever having to lift a finger.

Smarter, More Efficient Process

Many rubbish removal services simply drop off a skip bin and make you do all the hard work. But while the skip bin might come in handy, you don’t always have the time or manpower to get everything cleaned up. That’s why we come to your home, office, or property and start loading it all up quickly—so quickly, in fact, that we can get it all cleaned up that very day, so you don’t have to look at a ugly pile of rubbish/skip bin all week long.

We provide reliable rubbish removal services that cover a wide range of areas and needs, including:

  1. Picking Up and Hauling Away Rubbish (All-in-One Service)
  2. Disposing of Household Goods
  3. Safe and Proper Disposal, Recycling, and Waste Management Services
  4. Fast Cleaning Process to Reduce Stress, Anxiety, or Safety Issues
  5. Ensuring End-to-End Support without Client Efforts Required

DIY Projects and Construction Jobs

Jobs and the refuse they produce may differ wildly, but Harwood’s always provides top-notch services that meet your every need. In fact, whether you’re stripping a building of old materials, renovating your bathroom, cleaning out an over-packed garage, or trying to make more room in your office and need the excess taken out, we’ve got you covered.

We can work with personal homeowners, property managers, business teams, contractors, and so much more to ensure your rubbish gets taken out quickly and safely, so you can focus on the other jobs at hand.

  • Highly Experienced Rubbish Removal Team
  • Meet Strict Safety Standards and Protocols
  • Practice Proper Disposal
  • Personal, Commercial, and Industrial Support

Easy, Affordable, and Hands-Free

When it comes to taking old junk out of your shed or removing torn-down framing from the inside of an office building, you often don’t have the time or ability to just throw it in the back of a truck and haul it off.

That’s why we offer the type of cleaning service you need when a little help goes a long way. We’ll show up on removal day ready to drag it out, haul it off, and get your area cleaned up, so you can let go of a little stress and focus on your other tasks at hand. Better yet, it’s affordable and you don’t have to lift a finger, which means we’re waiting to take a load off of your plate and away from your work or living space.

Safety Comes First

Whether we’re moving heavy metals, broken down wood furniture, or just some worn out housewares in your garage, our teams always adheres to strict safety protocols to help us move, dispose of, or recycle materials more efficiently.

Indoor and Outdoor Removal

We cover everything from homes to apartments to office buildings, both indoors and out, which means there’s no job too big or too small. Simply let us know where we’re going, and we’ll create a plan of action that gets all the rubbish removed quickly.

Let Go of Stress and Restore Curb Appeal

Here at Harwood’s Lawn Care we know it can feel overwhelming if you need to haul a bunch of rubbish off but aren’t sure how to load it up, where to drop it off, and how to get your property looking great again. That’s why we provide affordable and friendly services that make cleanup a breeze and help to restore your property’s curb appeal.

  • One-Off or Extended Services: Be it cleaning out a garage just one time or hauling off multiple rubbish loads as you’re completing new work, we can provide the kind of consistency you need it taking back your personal or work space.
  • Fast, Affordable, and Simple: We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel, which is why we come to your house with our large trailer, load it all up with your general or commercial rubbish, and then take it to the dump or recycling center.
  • Save Time and Effort: Allowing Harwood’s to manage your rubbish disposal gives you more options in reorganising your home or garage, completing a project with a contractor, or working in a commercial setting.

Trusted Guarantee

From our property maintenance services to our general and commercial rubbish removal teams, we provide Newcastle with the most affordable, reliable, and efficient services possible because just like you, we live here. Contact us about our rubbish removal services today and let us clean up your general and commercial rubbish today, so you can focus more on what’s important.

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