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Keeping your home or office windows cleaner not only helps to create a more welcoming, relaxing space, it keeps them clear of damaging dirt and impurities that can break down the seals, stain the glass, and minimise the amount of light that streams through.

That’s why we at Harwood’s Lawn Care have a team of professional window cleaners who work on both interior and exterior surfaces and ensure they maintain a crystal-clear look inside and out. Contact us today and let us customise our services to match your residential or commercial property and we’ll show you why we offer the best window cleaning service in the industry.

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Customisable Cleaning Options

We understand that there are times when you can clear the interior of your windows, but not the outside, or don’t have time to clean either and need proper support. Our professional cleaning team provides both interior and exterior window cleaning to ensure your glass looks beautiful and clean for a gorgeous view you’ll love.

Focused on a more traditional, commercial-grade cleaning method we use a product called Halo to give you a more effective, comprehensive clean. What’s more, we can do either side of the window, including screens.

Once you’ve set up a visit we’ll arrive onsite and show you step by step how we’ll get the job done. We’ll start on the inside first to get out of your way more quickly and to ensure we’re not in your or your customers’ way, and then move outside to finish off the final portion.

Harwood’s window cleaning services can help:

  1. Improve Home or Office Curb Appeal
  2. Minimise Stains or Clarity Issues
  3. Protect Long-Term Window Durability
  4. Create a More Relaxed Environment

Consistent, In-Depth Process

While no job is ever the same we begin by gathering all the required equipment to make the process smooth and seamless. This includes cleaning small ladders, covering up shoes with boot protectors to keep floors cleaner, employing cleaning towels and our magic cleaning solution called “Halo” to improve window clarity, and all the experience needed to do the job right the first time.

This process includes us leveraging three cleaning towels for a multi-step process. This means we’ll use a towel for wiping dirty windowsills frames and glass to remove dirt and moisture. We’ll then apply the Halo solution for a faster, more efficient clean, follow up by one final detailing on the windowsill and the frame.

We use the same process no matter the size of your home or property, which includes:

  • Moving from room to room to ensure nothing is missed
  • Using a 2-story ladder on the exterior to clean tall or uneven surfaces
  • Using an extension pole, mop, and squeegee for hard-to-reach areas.
  • Doing a final walkthrough to ensure windows are 100% clean
  • Ensuring clients are completely satisfied with the results

Speed Without Sacrificing Quality


Unlike a traditional mop and squeeze method we use the Halo system which allows us to clean windows inside and out 3-5 times faster than more tradition methods. This helps you save time when either at work or at home and helps avoid interrupting your daily routines.

This process includes wearing boot protectors to avoid tracking mud on carpets, tile, or flooring, removing and installing fly screens, and getting a job done quickly, safely and effectively from start to finish.

More importantly, our premium equipment and hands-on experience ensure we meet your cleanliness standards and your windows look fantastic both inside and out.

Faster, More Efficient Process

By utilising the Halo cleaning method for your windows we’re able to reduce the amount of time it takes to get your windows clearer but without slowing you down in the process; this makes it great for supporting personal or commercial properties.

Restore Beautiful Clarity

The most important aspect of our services is that we get windows clearer and looking more radiant, so you can enjoy the gorgeous sunlight shining through or diminish the appearance of discolouration or dirt on the interior and exterior of your windows.

Short, Tall, and Everything In Between

Whether you’ve got ground level windows, windows far off the ground to let light in the living room, or something that’s hard to reach, we’ll utilise the right tools and teamwork to get them clean. What’s more, we’ll provide the same quality of service no matter where they are.

Beautiful Clarity and Comfort

When you choose Harwood’s Lawn Care to take care of your windows you can trust that they’ll be done right the first time and that they’ll look amazing from top to bottom. We’ll be sure to restore their crystal-clear clarity so you can enjoy watching birds, letting light shine through, and throwing open those curtains all year-round.

  • Custom Window Cleaning: We provide a wide range of window cleaning services that results in streak-free glass brilliance, cleaner screens, and improved clarity; all so you can feel confident in their look when you draw the blinds.
  • Affordability Matters: Here at Harwood’s we know that an affordable service is just as important as a professional one, which is why we offer window cleaning plans that meet your budget, your time, and your property needs.
  • Regular Service Options: We can provide a range of different cleaning times to better fit your property, including weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or something more seasonal. Reach out to discuss further options.

Trusted Guarantee

Like all of our lawn care and home cleaning services, our window cleaning is backed by superior customer service, attention to detail, and affordable prices that you can trust. Contact us today to set up window cleaning services for your home or office and let us show you why we’re the best window cleaning service in Hobart.

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